Go Green

Pay-Less cares for our community by going green! Join us in our initiatives to create a sustainable future.

Mission: Zero Bags

Every Wednesday, our stores do not distribute any plastic bags and instead encourage our customers to use reusable bags by giving a $.10 rebate for every bag you us on MOB Wednesdays. Help us eliminate plastic bags on our island.


We’ve partnered up with I*Recycle to donate all aluminum cans to local schools. In turn, the schools exchange cans for money that will go towards their special projects. We ask you to help us recycle at our stores to create healthy recycling habits in the community and give back!

Community Cleanups

Our employees are actively involved in our local community by cleaning our roadways, painting our bus stops and so much more!


Every so often, we partner up with our friends in the community to spread awareness of agriculture and environmental sustainability. Sign up for a community workshop and learn about how you can do your part and help Guam GO GREEN!


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Bonus Buys

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